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Pakistan’s strict issues serve kicks the bucket in street mishap
Pakistan’s Strict Issues Priest Abdul Shakoor© Given by Sinar Everyday Pakistan’s Strict Undertakings Pastor Abdul Shakoor ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s Strict Issues Clergyman Abdul Shakoor kicked the bucket in a street mishap, the Islamabad Police said in an explanation.

The pastor, who was driving the vehicle here on Saturday, was killed when his vehicle was hit by another vehicle, the assertion read.

He was raced to medical clinic, yet because of serious inside dying, he capitulated to his wounds, the assertion said, adding that the driver of the vehicle that hit the pastor’s vehicle has been arrested, alongside the four others present in the vehicle.

Conversing with media, Investigator General of Islamabad Police Akbar Nasir Khan said that the clergyman experienced a serious head injury which demonstrated lethal for him.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi and Head of the state Shahbaz Sharif communicated their sympathies and honored the late clergyman. – Bernama/Xinhua

Man set up for lewdness charge in Pakistan’s Punjab
Police on Sunday booked a person for professing to be a “courier of god” in Gujrat, Pakistan’s Punjab region, revealed Day break. According to police sources, the man entered the town mosque with a blade in his grasp and yelled that he was a “courier of god”.






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