Tennis Lessons for Beginners – Grip and Body Position

To obtain a suitable forehand grip, hold the tennis racquet’s handle towards your body, with the edge of the racquet face perpendicular towards the ground. Almost like shaking hands with a friend, tennis class Singapore allow the handle to settle comfortably into your hand, making the line of your arm, the racquet and your hand as one. Do not hold the racquet handle loosely, a firm grip (but not a holding on for dear life type grip!) will spare your wrist unnecessary ache and swelling, not to mention points won!

To achieve the backhand grip, แทงบอลufabet turn your hand upwards on the handle for a quarter circle, thereby pointing your knuckles directly up. It is normal for your backhand to have less control and power than your forehand, but try to minimize this at all costs. Opposite players normally target backhand returns from their opponents to gain a much vaunted psychological control and subsequent demise (lose confidence, cryptoby lose points … game, set and match!). Deter this by countering with deep lob shots and short drop shots, depending on where your opponent is awaiting your return.

All tennis shots should be executed with your shoulders lined up parallel to the line of the ball flight, keeping your body at right angles to the net. Your body weight should always move forward, normzplumbing in the direction of your shot, passing from the back foot to the front at the moment of ball impact. Never move your weight away from your shot, the ball will have no speed and end up being thoroughly punished by an eager opponent.


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